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Behemoth, Goatwhore, 1349, Inquisition & Black Crown Initiate @ Irving Plaza on 4/19/14

Just got in from seeing Behemoth @ Irving Plaza with the wife. Incredible set by them – they were stronger than all of the other acts that played tonight. Their sense of dynamics and compositional skill are really evident in their live songs. This was our first time seeing everyone on the bill.

I’m not the biggest black metal fan. I can tolerate some of it, but in general, I’m more drawn to death metal. Behemoth’s set really appealed to me though, as did parts of everyone else’s. Goatwhore and Inquisition were actually quite thrashy (although definitely blackened), and 1349 were primarily black metal. I think we missed Black Crown Initiate‘s set. We arrived a bit late to the show – it might have been during Inquisition’s set. Since I’m only familiar with Behemoth and Goatwhore, I can’t speak to who played what, or what order the other bands were in.

My camera didn’t do a great job of capturing images of the show. The lightshow really messed with the pictures, so I’ll check them out in the daylight hours and see if any are passable enough to add to this post. In the meantime, here are two recent videos from Behemoth – from the last two albums. They opened their set with Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel and later played Ov Fire and the Void:

Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

Ov Fire and the Void

At the end of the show, Behemoth came out and played dressed in the garb that they wore for the video of Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel. It was a really entertaining visual. Both the wife and I enjoyed seeing it. Also, wifey handed out some cards with a link to a survey she’s doing on women in New York’s extreme metal scene. I’ll post something about that later. Hopefully, she gets some good respondents from this show.


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