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Misogny & Bigotry are not Metal


Brett Stevens is an asshole. He wants to legalize rape in the USA and he’s a racist. I’ve never met the guy, but the wife showed me some stuff the other night that’s just idiotic. Apparently, he writes for Death Metal Underground, which I’ve been to, now and again, over the years. Its a decent site, with reviews, interviews and some other metal-centric material. However, Brett also runs, with a backwards “k”. Its a hate site. That’s where he published the following, lovely piece of trash:

The idea behind his one-man movement is simple. Women are sluts. Men should be allowed to violate them and get off (in both senses of the phrase) with a ticket. He has this stupid notion in his head that rape isn’t a violent crime. Its theft. He said that the problem isn’t that a woman had sex with a man. Its that she had sex with the wrong man and now wants revenge. I’d love to see how he feels about ticketing if he gets forced from behind by the “wrong man”. Would he look at it as violation then, or would he simply go to court and try to collect his $5.00?

As just about anyone with a brain in their head knows, violation is wrong. It doesn’t matter if its done to a man or woman. It doesn’t matter if the victimized person is gay, straight or likes cosplaying as Godzilla vs King Kong in bed. People are raped in every part of the world, every hour of every day. In some countries, they get away with it more easily then others. Look at the atrocities committed against women in India, Pakistan, South Africa, and even the good ol’ USA. Its often said that the Super Bowl brings sex crimes with it, wherever its held, as trafficked captives are repeatedly rented out to rapists – sometimes groups at a time, who travel under the pretense of going to a football game, when its something much more vile and sadistic that they’re going to. Of course, this probably happens at other events as well, but its more publicized during football. Hell, this just aired about Islamic State fighters and Yazidi girls in Iraq and Syria. Somehow, Brett Stevens doesn’t see any victimization in acts like this, just minor offenses awaiting a cold, hard ticketing.

So, what does this have to do with metal? Well, Brett writes for a metal website, but he was also a member of Heavy Fundamentalisms: Music, Metal and Politics, which my wife is a member of. She’s told me to join for years now, but I simply haven’t made time. One of the members there discovered his visionary stance on women’s rights via that legalize rape article he vomited into his cesspool of forward-thinking rhetoric,, and rightfully made it known to their members that they were sharing space with a morally-maladjusted moron of the highest magnitude. Others then came forward with information about his benevolently backward views on mongrel races, such as my own, and he was summarily ejected from the group for basically being a total piece of shit.

Of course, that’s not how he sees it.

I just became aware of this half-witted online “movement” called Gamergate a few nights ago. Its basically a bunch of misogynistic gamers who want to keep women out of their gaming lives. Maybe they got beaten one time too many by a female opponent in Call of Duty or simply couldn’t cope with their mothers telling them to turn off their consoles and get a job, but now they pride themselves on preserving video game culture by making sure that the only games being played are between their controllers and their penises. They target female video game journalists and harass & threaten them online, like model citizens.

Well, now there’s a pseudo-movement called Metalgate which does the same thing for metal. Its obviously exactly what we needed. Its enlightened members partake in such productive exercises as… well, the crap that the Gamergate chumps do, only towards metal.

Brett supports this kind of idiotic nonsense. What he did was basically take the post of his “outing” from the Heavy Fundamentalisms listserv and publish screenshots of it on Death Metal Underground. This included personal info, like private email accounts and names of people from the forum.

On Death Metal Underground, he says that it has “for over two decades committed itself to truth, meaning those ideas which correspond to reality and imagination at the same time.” Well, first, he’s not committed to truth. He keeps his racist and misogynistic writings clear from his Facebook page and from DMU, so he’s picking what he presents of himself and his opinions for different crowds. And second – he’s committed to truth, meaning ideas which correspond to reality and imagination at the same time? Really? Imagination is truth? He must have taken that line from Dead Skin Mask to heart.

In another article on the site, he basically goes on to portray himself as an oppressed victim for having a different view than the mainstream, being banned from Heavy Fundamentalisms due to the paranoia of “Social Justice Warriors” and then rallying his readers to his cause because they “stood up to the Christian right, then we stood up to the NSBM people, and now we’re standing up to SJWs”. So, does this mean he’s standing up to defend rape and he defied the NSBM people so he could send black Americans back to Africa for himself? His romanticized imaginary reality isn’t as intriguing as it is stupid.

Its also revealing that he calls for “an open mind and open discussion. This apparently is not the agenda of SJWs and despite their initial denial, they proceeded exactly as their dissenters said they would: with calls for censorship and propaganda.” So, he would like the general public to be open-minded about raping women and women to refrain from stomping on his degenerate soapbox while they consider his proposal of ticketing his socially-oppressed brethren after they force themselves on the fairer sex, who are obviously asking for it by virtue of having been born. This guy is a truly enlightened social messiah. We need a few good lions…

There are a few commenters on the site who said that he should not have spoken about legalizing rape. They seem to understand that there’s a problem with his indecent proposal. One of the more verbose ones included the following:

Ara December 22, 2014 at 5:06 pm

Today the only real taboos left in America unfortunately are racism and rape, and on the front page of Brett’s blog you have an article calling for shipping black people back to Africa to both end racism and rebuild European culture in the US, and another article that claims that rape as we know it doesn’t really exist because women are now too slutty to truly be abstinent before marriage. These articles may be written out in a very calculated manner and it seems as though there is a greater good in mind, but the perspectives can’t really exist here anymore and we don’t really operate as an ends-justify-the-means society. I’m not a fan of censorship or the extremes of feminism but I know when to not express an overtly hurtful worldview, and you don’t have to be a SJW or whatever to view those perspectives as callous, misogynistic and xenophobic. That being said, it was posted on a blog of yours that is independent of metal and probably shouldn’t be an albatross around your neck in regards to other aspects of online presence, but that’s the world we live in today.

There are a few other posts on DMU from Brett continuing this idiocy. I’m basically done with it for now though. Anyway, this is meant to just get some of this nonsense out into the open and to leave the saner metal fans out there with an idea that severe mental retardation still exists in music, as with the rest of the world, but we can reduce its presence in a number of ways, both violently and non-violently, as the situation best calls for. Don’t let it continue. As a species we need to evolve past this shit, and as a relatively small subculture, we should do what’s right, and that doesn’t include promoting the victimization of people because they’re a different gender or ethnicity. What we need to victimize people for is for being dementedly hateful and hurtful towards others and fostering the idea of might-makes-right or racial superiority. Its a big world, with a lot of room for metal. We shouldn’t leave room for scumbags on top of it.


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