Musings on metal and its evolving demography

Skinflint, Wrust & Amok – metal bands from Botswana

Here are a few videos of metal bands from Botswana from Youtube:

Skinflint – Mask of the Dead: Its like a stripped-down Iron Maiden. They’re mixed-race and mixed gender.

Skinflint – Dipoko: Still Maidenesque

Skinflint – Gauna (Live in Botswana): Live performance, different drummer


Wrust – Why Me: Thicker sound, with slightly guttural vocals and a slower groove. Apparently, they’ve played with Sepultura, Entombed, Konkhra, Carcass & a bunch of bands I’m not familiar with.

Wrust – Kill or Be Killed: His vocals remind me of Max Cavalera on this one. Its still basically slow/mid-tempo overall, with a thick or buzzy guitar sound.

Wrust – Hate ‘Em All: Reminds me of Max here as well. Faster and a little bouncier than the last two. Better soloing and production too.


Amok – Life is Now (live): Slow and somewhat jam-like

Amok – Feta la Musique: Sounds a lot like Scorpions to me. They have a definite 80’s feel to them.


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