Musings on metal and its evolving demography


I know I’m a little late to the party with this. Last week, I came across a blog post that I can’t find now which featured a one-woman black metal act from Denmark called Myrkur (Icelandic for “darkness”). I’m not the biggest black metal fan, although there is some that I enjoy. This is one of them.

Myrkur – Nattens Barn

The woman behind the project is Amalie Bruun, who is also in a Brooklyn-based indie/pop act called Ex-Cops. I called wifey in to hear Nattens Barn after I heard it, and when I started with “I found a black metal band that I actually like,” she immediately interrupted with “Is it Myrkur?”

Apparently, her debut has already been pretty well-announced. I think wifey said she read about her in Decibel. I enjoy the choral vocals and the overall flow of the song, especially from around 2:50. There’s a bunch of info about the album and artist on the web, but what stands out to me is that she’s been playing piano and violin for around 20 years, mixes what we’d look at as pagan ideas into her music, but not in a Satanic manner, and although she’s more noted for having played in Ex-Cops, she’s been a black metal fan for many years. Most of this can be found in the footnote links on the Wikipedia article about her though.

For anyone who played tabletop RPGs in the 90’s, and enjoyed Mage: The Ascension, I think her imagery and themes fit in perfectly with the Verbena ideology as well, so go re-read your stuff and spin this.


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