Musings on metal and its evolving demography


Metal is outsider music. Although popular media repackages elements of it for profit, it remains stylistically distasteful and inaccessible to many. I like it that way. However, as a brown fan of extreme metal growing up in NY – and now with a yellow wife who is writing papers about female studies in extreme metal, I’m aware of the overwhelmingly male, Caucasian demographic comprising musicians and fans of the scene.

This blog comments on the shifting of the male, Caucasian boundary and the spread of metal into different countries and cultures. It also examines what I think of as the “jazzification” of metal – or the relatively recent study and intellectualizing of it – much like what happened with jazz music since its introduction, early shunning, acceptance and now embrace and study.

And yes, observations about gender, race and stereotypes abound.



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