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Misogny & Bigotry are not Metal


Brett Stevens is an asshole. He wants to legalize rape in the USA and he’s a racist. I’ve never met the guy, but the wife showed me some stuff the other night that’s just idiotic. Apparently, he writes for Death Metal Underground, which I’ve been to, now and again, over the years. Its a decent site, with reviews, interviews and some other metal-centric material. However, Brett also runs, with a backwards “k”. Its a hate site. That’s where he published the following, lovely piece of trash:

The idea behind his one-man movement is simple. Women are sluts. Men should be allowed to violate them and get off (in both senses of the phrase) with a ticket. He has this stupid notion in his head that rape isn’t a violent crime. Its theft. He said that the problem isn’t that a woman had sex with a man. Its that she had sex with the wrong man and now wants revenge. I’d love to see how he feels about ticketing if he gets forced from behind by the “wrong man”. Would he look at it as violation then, or would he simply go to court and try to collect his $5.00?