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Does the underground metal scene really have a social justice warrior problem?

So, yesterday, Decibel magazine published an article called “Does the underground metal scene really have a social justice warrior problem?” Its a guest-piece from Jeffrey Podoshen, a Ph.D. from Franklin and Marshall College. In the article, Podoshen writes about the black metal film documentary Until the Light Takes Us, which the wife & I saw at least a few years ago. He highlights a scene in the film in which Frost (Satyricon, 1349) demolishes a set and cuts himself, finally revealing to the audience, “I have no problems being self-destructive if the whole thing is something that I like.” Podoshen uses this scene in a course that he teaches called “Evil, Death and Dystopia”, as it sparks discussion.

Frost cutting himself



The Beast in the East: Exploring China’s Black Metal Scene


Its been a while since I last posted. Sorry about that. Other things have really been consuming all of my waking hours – particularly work and the baby. But, I came across this interesting article on Metal Hammer about Chinese black metal that I’m sure many of you would find interesting.

For those who want to explore bands like this more, here’s the list of Chinese metal bands from Encyclopaedia Metallum:

Musical Assault!!! (Black Metal, Afrobeat & Frantz Fanon)

Since posting a bit about metal in Botswana last week, I was thinking about a paper wifey wrote a few years ago about the evolution of Norwegian Black Metal and that of Nigerian Afrobeat, as viewed through the philosopher Frantz Fanon‘s “three stages of native intellectual”. Here’s a reblog of her original post, along with my thoughts & summary from a few years ago on my bass blog.

I think that when there’s time, we need to revisit this and really expand on it. So much has been written about black metal in the past few years, and I have yet to read through all of Fanon’s works.


As part of my Anthropology of Music and Art Class, I had to write a final paper for the semester on a topic related to what we’ve been studying. It’s made up of my review from the Afrobeat book as mentioned earlier on this blog.  Inclusion of paper one (the book review) was required as part of our assignment. I also wrote up an annotated bibliography (a very librarian thing to do) but didn’t attach it. If you’re interested in reading it, contact me via comment/email and I’ll let you know.

I thank my husband in offering sage editing advice and critique! Thanks!

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