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Metal Fans in Botswana

botswana_04_death-squad1The other night, wifey sent me the following link to the Archaeology and Material Culture blog. The owner, Paul Mullins, is “a historical archaeologist who studies consumer culture in the last half-millennium.” I like the work he’s doing. Last January, he wrote a piece centered on the attire of metalheads in Botswana. He references the photos and work of Frank Marshall, a South African photographer who has apparently been photo-documenting African metalheads from various sub-genres. There are apparently a lot of Iron Maiden fans. Their garb is interesting. Its what I’d expect when looking at 1980’s post-apocalyptic anime like Fist of the North Star, but with cowboy hats. Women are included as well, although I have no idea what the ratio of male-to-female fans is. Take a look for yourself: