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The Grindmother

Happy 2016. I’m a few weeks late and I’ve got a backlog of stuff that I want to share on this blog. Some of it is lighthearted and some not-so-much. Here’s one of the fun ones.

There’s a 67-year old Canadian woman calling herself The Grindmother who has started her own grindcore band with the same name after contributing backup vocals to her son’s grind band, Corrupt Leaders. She’s been covered in a bunch of other metal-oriented websites and even made an appearance on the Maury Povich Show. Here are some videos of her in action:

I think this is the first video that was shared of her screaming into the mike for her son’s band. A comment from her indicates that it was her idea to contribute vocals to her son’s band, initially, and it grew into a band of her own somewhere down the road:


I love that she actually gets what the release in the music is about and not only encourages and supports her son, but started her own band. I wonder where she places with regard to older people in metal – and I wonder what she listens to at home when not screaming out her lungs. She was also formerly a social worker.

Here’s “Any Cost“, a politically-driven song about Stephen Harper, the former Prime Minister of Canada, who resigned last year. ItsĀ sounds like somethingĀ Napalm Death could support: