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Metaleros’ journey: Meet NY’s thriving Latino metal scene

Wifey sent this to me yesterday. She’s working on an ethnicity piece for her “Women in NY’s Extreme Metal Scene” paper and came across it while researching. It basically talks about the Latino presence in the metal scene in NY. As of tomorrow, the article will be 6 years old, but judging from the shows we’ve attended in the past few years, Latino metalheads in NYC haven’t gone anywhere. 😉

I’m actually not familiar with any of the Latino bands mentioned in the article, but I do recognize that Raza Odiada is the 2nd album from Brujeria, and wonder if the band was named after it. It looks like some of the acts aren’t around anymore, but there are videos for some of them on Youtube and legacy Facebook pages.

Now that I think of it, I know more metal bands from Central & South America than Latino bands in the NYC area. This is something I’ll have to rectify.

[edit] Here’s wifey’s write-up of the same article, from her blog, ontheshelves.




The Hispanic Impact on the Early NYHC Scene

Quixotic Dreams blogWifey is writing some stuff about the ethnic breakdown of women in NY’s extreme metal scene that will either become part of an anthology book about globalized metal or be a chapter in her thesis about women in NY’s extreme metal scene. Yesterday, she sent me a link to an article on Cvltnation about Hispanics in NY’s hardcore scene in the 80’s. Its not extreme metal, but its a related scene.

Anyway, the article was reposted by Cvltnation, but was originally written by Freddy Alva for his blog, Quixotic Dreams in March, 2014. He also wrote a 2nd piece and has some related posts on his blog about life in Queens, NY in the 80s and the metal and hardcore scenes there. He’s apparently from Peru and his blog’s byline is “Musings on Growing up in the 80’s, HC/Punk/Rock & Traditional Chinese Medicine.” Check it out. Its a really cool blog.

Also, on a related note from Freddy Alva:

Welcome to Metal Kingdom

Wifey and I just watched a short documentary last night called “Welcome to Metal Kingdom“. In 35 minutes, it tells the story of Metal Kingdom, a small metal-centric music store in Queens, NY, that also served as a venue and gathering place for metalheads. Her write-up of the documentary can be found here:

Metal KingdomGrowing up, I was mainly around the lower Westchester and Bronx bands. I was somewhat aware of the stuff happening in Manhattan, Queens and the burgeoning metal/hardcore scene in Brooklyn. I didn’t get out there much though, because I really hated going to the city and the boroughs. Its a constant fight with traffic, and the parking gods are always displeased with me. Yeah, I should have taken the train more.

Anyway, the documentary focuses on the Latino metal scene in Queens, via the struggles of Metal Kingdom to stay afloat. On the way, we’re introduced to members of several Latino-driven metal and grind bands, including some with female members. To me, it was a very interesting snapshot of the early half of the 2000’s and how that spot looked. I really feel for Salvador Gil, who opened Metal Kingdom as a labor of love, apparently took out a loan against his house to renovate it, and ultimately was red-taped into dissolving it. My dad ran small businesses as well, and as a teen in the 90s and 20-something in the early 2000’s, I helped with them, and ultimately saw poor decisions dry them up, so although its a little different, it still strikes a chord with me.

Those of you who are interested in seeing the video can enjoy this: (more…)