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The Crossover of Hardcore & Metal

NYHC-cover-freddy-e1406660241721Metal Injection just posted this excerpt from the upcoming book NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980–1990, by Tony Rettman  The excerpt is an interesting read. They posted the chapter about the crossover of hardcore and metal, and it consists entirely of interview snippets from band members and people in the scene at the time. There was a lot of animosity between the two groups, but there was also a blending that, over time, produced a lot of cool bands, albums and songs. Go read it.


The Hispanic Impact on the Early NYHC Scene

Quixotic Dreams blogWifey is writing some stuff about the ethnic breakdown of women in NY’s extreme metal scene that will either become part of an anthology book about globalized metal or be a chapter in her thesis about women in NY’s extreme metal scene. Yesterday, she sent me a link to an article on Cvltnation about Hispanics in NY’s hardcore scene in the 80’s. Its not extreme metal, but its a related scene.

Anyway, the article was reposted by Cvltnation, but was originally written by Freddy Alva for his blog, Quixotic Dreams in March, 2014. He also wrote a 2nd piece and has some related posts on his blog about life in Queens, NY in the 80s and the metal and hardcore scenes there. He’s apparently from Peru and his blog’s byline is “Musings on Growing up in the 80’s, HC/Punk/Rock & Traditional Chinese Medicine.” Check it out. Its a really cool blog.

Also, on a related note from Freddy Alva: