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Two members of Cynic are gay

Yesterday, wifey told me about an article that she read in which two guys from Cynic came out. I didn’t get to read it until a few mins ago. Here it is, for those of you who want to read it straight from the journalistic source:

I never knew that either Paul or Sean are gay. It also doesn’t change how I value them or their music, though. I’m not in love with all of Cynic’s music, but I do listen to it from time-to-time and appreciate their musicianship. From that era and scene, the bands that drew me more strongly were Atheist and Death. Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal played on Death’s Human album though – which is my favorite album from them. Steve DiGiorgio played bass there (and on Individual Thought Patterns) and he’s one of my favorite bassists.

Sean Reinert (L) and Paul Masvidal (R)

Sean Reinert (L) and Paul Masvidal (R)

There’s also been some notice that comments/reactions to their coming out haven’t been overwhelmingly hateful or anti-gay amongst some of the bigger online metal communities. That’s interesting to me, because the typically macho image that surrounds metal would suggest that they’d take a verbal beating for this from internet trolls, and it hasn’t really happened. I think that its a definite sign of the times – we’re really more accepting of homosexuality in most Westernized societies now than ever before.