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An Open Letter to Mastodon regarding your Thanksgiving t-shirts

Its been said that the more we change, the more we stay the same. Wifey just sent me a link to the following post, which I found both interesting (on the part of the writer) and sad (on the part of Mastodon).

Irony, or Mastodon's idea of a happy Thanksgiving?

Irony, or Mastodon’s idea of a happy Thanksgiving?

It was written at the end of November 2013 and centers on a t-shirt that the band is selling for Thanksgiving. The writer is a Native American who was at a Mastodon show. I’ve seen the image that bothers her before. I always thought it was satire, but I can understand how its offensive to both women and Native Americans – and with her being both, its probably a double-whammy… especially coming from a band whose music she enjoys.

The response from many people on Mastodon’s Facebook page is also sad. It seems that unless many people are directly violated, they don’t have a sense of compassion or consideration for anyone else. I wonder if any of their responses would be different if their own mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends or daughters were attacked? I’m not even sure if they have the social understanding to conceptually apply the horrors of brutality to people they care about and see what it could mean, and then learn from it enough to not attack or insult others without provocation.

In this instance, even though I look at the overall metal community as an evolving entity and an extended family, I feel let down. I also feel like a lot of people need to get punched in the face.