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Saudi Arabian Bands

This is a repost from my bass blog, Ugly Bass Face. Over there, I deal with beginner bass and music theory topics. Now that I’ve decided to dedicate time to a more sociological & metal blog, some of the posts that were there have relevance here.

May 2, 2011

So, last night, after I got in from work, I watched President Obama reveal that Osama bin Laden has been killed. It’s a huge deal to many Americans, due to what it represents on many fronts and levels. After doing my nightly server maintenance, I got to thinking about what Saudi and Afghani bass playing might sound like. This morning, I looked around a little on the internet. There’s probably a world of stuff out there, in the Mid-east, that many of us will never hear.

It seems that the internet is the strongest factor in bands gaining exposure in the Mid-east, as many public shows are outlawed in places like Saudi Arabia.  There are no venues, rock-and-roll isn’t widely spread, metal is viewed as the music of the devil, and the youth speak of a vast cultural gap between themselves and their elders.

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